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Granite Falls Justice Center


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Notice To The Public

The front, north, main entrance to the

Justice Center

is now open to the public.

When you enter the building there is a large screen to assist with way-finding.

  • Upon entering, if you go to your right you will be in the Justice Center and can find on the main floor: Law Enforcement, both Sheriff and Granite Falls Police Department; Six West Community Corrections (Probation Offices); and the County Attorney. On the second floor (using the elevator or stairs) you will find the two courtrooms in addition to the Court Administration offices.
  • If, upon entering, you turn to your left and move down the hall, you will find on the first floor: Veterans Services; Countryside Public Health Services, Restorative Justice, and access to the County Training room via the stairs or elevator. The Family Service Center is on the second floor with access through the stairs or elevator to that floor.
  • You can no longer enter the building campus through the East entrance. That is now and Employee Only access.
  • Direct access to the jail can be made through the Jail Entrance on the east side.
  • The west stair tower (temporary access during construction) is now locked.


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